A Personal Trainer’s Shopping List

It takes a totally different mentality when shopping for food to be successful in shaping the body to how you want it to look.

I hear people in supermarkets all the time saying “I want something nice”

This means they want something sweet, hyper palatable, higher carbs, high sugar, high trans fat foods – resulting in weight gain.

If you go into your food shop purely focusing on taste this is an attitude that needs to be reframed.

This current attitude of rewarding yourself (with taste of food) every time you eat will not lead to a good body shape or healthy body.

What I do when going to do my weekly food shop is think “what will fuel my body to be healthy and make me feel amazing”

I know I need protein (lean meats, fish, eggs)
I know I need vegetables (pre made and washed, frozen)
I know I need fats (eggs, red meats, dairy, olive oil, coconut oil)
I know I need carbs (rice, potatoes, quinoa, cous cous)

This is it – every time! Same items that make me feel amazing and keep me lean or help me get leaner.

If I want a treat then I have to go out for it, local shop or pub for a pint of lager, restaurant for a meal, shops again for something sweet/bread/pastries.

9 times out of 10 I don’t go out and have a protein bar/shake instead of the treat as the moment passes.

Just include the items (as above) that fuel the body and live like a personal trainer – once it becomes a habit after a few weeks it’s not that difficult.

Food shopping for body shape results rather than taste makes you end up feeling and looking better,

OR you can keep making excuses like “I want something nice to eat” and stick with your current body shape that you’re not happy with.


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