Eating Healthily Making You Fat?

Let’s destroy this misunderstanding!

It’s something we hear a lot and something you may question yourself.

Eating a “healthy” diet but still can’t lose weight?!

This is a mentality that just eating healthy foods equates to weight/fat loss.

Don’t get me wrong, it certain helps you lose weight, feel good, nourish the body and is satiating (less likely to get hungry and eat junk food).

However, eating healthy options plus a little binge over the weekend can actually make you maintain your weight or even gain weight.

To lose body fat, weight & inches you need to be in a CALORIE DEFECIT.

Simple as that, eating healthy food options in a CALORIC DEFECIT will make you feel good and will keep your hunger levels satisfied.

The big issue is – healthy is a personal view.

Some people believe red meats are not healthy but they contain, protein, B vitamins, iron & zinc which are all good for the immune system, muscles and bones health. They then substitute red meats for avocado’s, nuts butters, grains, full fat butter.

These substitutes are nutritious food items, but they can be very easily overconsumed AND they contain high calories. Which results in weight maintenance or weight gain.

If you are still confused what’s healthy, you need to include plenty of protein, fibre & low calorie foods to lose body fat/weight.

Your diet should be built around leaner proteins such as chicken, turkey, white fish, eggs, whey protein powder, lots of vegetables to fill you up that give the body the nutrients, vitamins and fibre it needs. Then add fats or carbohydrates depending on you taste preference, if you like carbs lower your fats and vice versa.

I hope this can eradicate the myth that just eating healthy can make you lose weight/body fat and you now have a clear concept of fat loss.

Calorie deficit + Eating the correct healthy (low calorie) foods.

Have a great week

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