List of Fat Burning Foods

Want to shift a few pounds? Then eat this!

New fat burning gels! Just take 2 times a day….

I bet you see this a lot in magazines and on social media. Things like celery and soup diets, booty tea, fat burning pills etc

Here are the actual foods that burn body fat;


Yes, they are meant to be blank and hopefully you’ve got the point now.

There are no magically fat burning foods or products!

The key to foods which HELP you burn fat are the foods that keep you satiated longest.

Meaning you will be less likely to eat junk food (EXCESS CALORIES)

Consuming high volumising, low caloric foods such as lean protein and vegetables will reduce overall calorie intake. (With the added bonus that these food items nourish the body to feel energetic and be healthy)

Being a consistent daily calorie deficit results in weight & fat loss = it’s that simple!

This is post to outweigh the silly posts, products, adverts out there that they suggest they can miraculously burn body fat.

It’s your job now to test this theory of consuming lean protein and vegetables at every meal – add carbohydrates such as potatoes, rice, quinoa, cous cous, beans, chick peas to the meal after you have exercised or weight trained.

This will prove you will lose body fat/weight but more importantly KEEP it off – now you can tell anyone who is about to take a fat burning product to save their money, then show them the correct way to burn body fat!


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