Low Carb Diets Can Kill

You may have seen this in the news today that low carb diets can shorten your life!

The research monitored people over 25 years with a diet of moderate carb intake, they found they were less likely to die of illnesses & could extend life by 4 years.

This again is another shift in perceptions with diet that seem to stick around.

It’s a ludicrous idea that eating protein and veg will shorten life, but this could be people’s new belief so they tell themselves that just consuming carbs will extend their life.

What if you just take this ideology and consume more bread, cakes and biscuits – they’re carbs right?!

We should know by now that they will make us get fat, unhealthy and depressed.

However, it’s also crazy to totally eliminated carbs as you think it’s the healthiest way of getting lean.

It’s this foolish searching looking for the “one thing” we are doing wrong, and this “one thing” that is making us fat, depressed, unhealthy and unfit.

Flip reverses that and people are being foolish looking for the “one thing” that makes us look and feel better.

When the answer is actually a combination of things;

  • Eating all meals with protein (plant or animal) and veg
  • Consume carbs that are natural and grow (potatoes, rice, beans, quinoa)
  • If you’re less active – eat less carbs (office job, no weight training, no walking)
  • If you’re really active – eat a little more carbs (manual job, 3-5 weight sessions a week, lots of walking)

Never the less, if you want a piece of cake, couple of biscuits, bread roll then enjoy that once or twice a week.

Just make sure it’s not too much cake, too many biscuits or a whole large French baguette and do more of the health combos listed above.

Have a lovely week and watch that carb intake!

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