Scales messing with your head?

It’s the beginning of the week and it could be the time you give yourself that shot of good or bad motivation.

Had a bit of a bad weekend on the food and booze? Want know how bad it has damaged your body shape?

Do not step on the scales now! Yet this is what people always do.

You’re clearly going to have put on a few pounds from the excess calories & carbs, which can cause a little water retention.

If you consider your morning scale weight number as the only way of measuring success, there is going to be pain.

Especially if you’re doing it on a daily basis, you can’t significantly drop much body fat overnight. It’s usually just the food being digested or you have become dehydrated overnight that makes you lighter on the scales.

Jumping on the scales every time you messed up nutritionally is not going to a pleasant experience, it then puts you in the “f*ck it – I’ll eat what I want now” mode.

Weight varies massively and it does not mean you have messed up.

Where most people go wrong if their weight creeps up overnight is to go super low calories, train more, stress more, which will only end up in more weight gain.

If the scales budge up a pound or two, don’t panic!

Just get back to being consistent with your food, make your training sessions and forget about it.

Before you know it (at least a week before next weigh in) you will have dropped that extra couple of pounds, plus a few more!

Have a healthy week

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