The Secret Why Protein Helps Burn Fat

First a little game – Have a guess which chocolate bar contains as many calories as a chicken breast & vegetables, read on to find out….

Let’s start with a myth buster…..

Protein cannot burn body fat!

However, it is harder for your body to break down protein.

Meaning it has to generate more heat to digest the protein, which also means the body has to burn more calories.

For example, your body will burn more energy digesting a steak than it would quick carbohydrates such as a chocolate bar.

Try to recall back to when you have eaten steak & veg (or try it over the next few days), you will not want to eat for hours.

Eat a chocolate bar and you looking for more food within the hour.

Who would have thought a chicken breast & portion of vegetables would have the same calories as a Twix Bar (250kcal)

High protein diets make it easier to feel fuller = you will consume few calories throughout the day.

This is the secret to a sustained, healthy, satiated, slim, toned body!

Now go and prep your protein & veg for the weekend

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