Get Drunk – Not Fat!

I will be having a guilt free beer at the weekend and I won’t feel bad about it.

It will be enjoyed in the full knowledge that I’m still losing body fat, inches & weight!

If your diet is so restrictive that it doesn’t allow a beer at the weekend then that diet is not going to work.

You’re going to get bored and will eventually have an emotional blow out on foods and booze.

I track my foods/calories daily and I am accountable to myself for doing so. I can gauge what my input (calories) and output (weight training) is over the week.

If I’ve managed to be below my maintenance level, I’m confident I have been burning body fat. I now have calories spare to spend on my favourite treat, a beer!

Clearly – it’s not the optimal route to leanness but I’m enjoying my nutrition and training.

I do have a beer most weekends but my abs are showing and the inches/weight is still falling off.

If I’m having a few beers at football (I need it quite a bit watching & following Manchester United recently buts that another story) I will swap pints for bottles. Straight away, shaving off 100kcal per drink.

If it’s a late evening then diet mixers and gin/vodka will be drink of choice.

Never the less, my food will be perfect and I will not splurge on a kebab if want to keep progressing. I’ve had the treat of beer, so to overindulge on food as well – that would be greedy! Choose one or the other!

This is how I manage alcohol in my diet and want to show you it can be done & you can use my techniques.

However, on the flip side – if you don’t want a beer or drink, leave it and you will progress much quicker!

Have a great “tipsy” weekend – just don’t overdo it!

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