Yeah…. But…

Yeah…but I have no time to exercise
Yeah…but eating healthy is expensive
Yeah…but you don’t know how hard my life is
Yeah…but I don’t like vegetables
Yeah…but I don’t have the motivation
Yeah…but I’m too tired today.

For every solution we can give there is always a “yeah…but”

However, we can then call you out on your “yeah…buts”

It’s just mindset justification where you can get out of the things you know you should be doing, to get the body shape you want.

If you want the great body, the all-day energy, the good positive feelings, the confidence then you have flip that mindset.

From Yeah…but I’m tired so I’ll go home and eat because I’ve had a hard day – to I WILL get to the gym, focus on the first few sets and before you know it your loving your work out & really happy you’ve turned up.

From Yeah…but I’ve got no time to train – have 30-45mins less television or social media to go to the gym.

From Yeah…but eating healthily is too expensive – is looking for the bargains that are being reduced, looking around farms/ gardens that give away produce for free, bulk buying, buying tinned protein sources.

If you want the body and the good feelings you can get there – just ditch the excuses mindset.

Everyone has these “excuses” yet other people manage to achieve amazing body shape results, they just ditched the excuses.

Time to smash this week’s training and nutrition!

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