3 Bad Snacks Replacements Ideas

There are no “bad” or “good” food items.

That’s too black and white.

If you eat a carrot as a snack, which is healthy right? You can still get fat/gain weight if you are in caloric surplus (eating more than your burning).

If you eat one chocolate digestive biscuit, which is bad right? You can still lose weight – if you are in a caloric deficit (burning more than you consume).

It takes time, effort, trial & error to discover tasty high protein snacks, and it is all down to personal taste preferences.

However, we recommend snacking on high protein items.

The benefits of high protein snacks are that they will keep you fuller for longer – so you are less likely to snack on other high calorie rubbish.

Below are three examples of high calories snacks that I’ve substituted for lower calorie, higher protein but tasty options.

Snickers bar 249kcal – Swap for Carb Killer (or any other low carb protein bars) – 217kcal & 20g protein
3 small slices of cheddar cheese 126kcal – Swap 2 light babybell 100kcal & 12g protein
McCoy’s flamed steak crisps 263kcal – Swap for Aldi BBQ Lentil snacks (taste like crisps) 85kcal & 6g protein.

It must be said – you still cannot not eat these new items with reckless abandon. They still contain calories and would only be consumed once a day, twice max.

I’ve mentioned snack ideas a few months back (check out our blog on our website), but as I said at the beginning its trial and error.

Download and use Myfitness pal, a free app and compare what your normal snacks calories are? Your challenge is to discover lower calorie options you can substitute them for!

Comment or reply back with any lower calorie substitutes you can find and we will share in our Facebook group to help others struggling.


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