A Fat Loss Festive Challenge

Have you just joined THQ and started the 6 Week Meltdown Challenge?
Have you just started the 12-week shoot?
Have you been slacking off over the summer holidays and “back on” it now?

Whatever your goal or target is – it’s important to see the whole process.

Take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

When I look at people’s journey’s when getting into shape, it always reminds me of this famous quote by Robin Sharma.

Change is hard at the beginning

Messy in the middle

Gorgeous at the end

For us health and fitness guys;

Change is tiding up our diet, maybe counting calories, trying new “clean & healthy” foods, getting rid of junk foods, turning up for your weight training sessions, saying no to temptation.

The Messy part is when it gets boring and a bit repetitive, when its dark & cold and you can’t be bothered to turn up to your sessions, when friends and family are enjoying bad food and drink around you.

However – when you start to see the effects of eating well, training hard and resisting temptation, you’re now getting the body shape you really want and the results are a Gorgeous ending.

This week you need to nail the basics – as we are still the in “change” stage.

Make 3 training sessions a week as a minimum,
Eat the correct foods daily,
Hydrate with 2-3 litres of water a day,
Sleep 7-9 hours an night,
Say NO to junk food as much as possible.

Repeat this EVERY DAY up to the festive period and you will be leaner & happier though Christmas.

Have a good week

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