K.I.S.S your weight away

A lot of advice says drop carbs to lose weight & or body fat.

A lot of advice says drop dietary fat to lose weight & or body fat.

However, all science-based research PROVES you can have both and still lose weight & or body fat.

You can have one or the other or neither and still lose weight & or body fat.

The KEY is to have whatever suits your food preference but making sure you’re in a caloric deficit – and that you can STAY in a caloric deficit.

It’s no good if you’re eating high fats but feel weak and hungry all the time due to lack of carbs.

It’s not good if you really want a piece of oily fish but cannot have it as you are on low fat diet.

I like the idea of moderating both, having so much more food choices & yet still lose weight & body fat.

Keep it simple!

Always high Protein & higher carbs on weight training days
Always high protein & lower carbs but moderate fat on non-training days.

The addition carbs on training days will keep you energised for sessions and satiated throughout the day.
The addition fats on non-training days will keep you satiated and not looking for more food.

It really is no more complex than that.

K.I.S.S (Keep it simple stupid)


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