Meal Plans or Flexibility Dieting?

Both Work!

You just need to decide which works best for you.

Meal planning and prepping provides structure & improves nutritional discipline.

If you follow a meal plan to the exact detail, it WILL get you results.

You following a meal plan and making meal prep is the ideal world, however, as we all experience in life, never is it an ideal world.

For example, if you’ve been following a meal plan and always have chicken breast, veg and rice at lunch, then a few weeks into your meal plan – one lunch time you run out of chicken and you don’t know what to do?!?

You were so rigid and structured that you didn’t realise you could have swapped meats to turkey or fish.

This inability to know what to do will cause a person’s panic, anxiety and stress levels to rocket. It’s the excuse you needed to have junk foods you’ve craved at lunch times such as crisp and a chocolate bar. So, you now give in as you’ve “ruined” your meal plan.

This is where flexible dieting helps. Flexible dieting allows you go out for meals, drinks and treats.

Its sustainable long-term fat loss as you will have a caloric target for “clean” meals and treats to be factored in.

Flexible dieting can used on an 80/20 principle of eating “clean” and 20% junk foods (breads, pasta, cakes, alcohol) can be factored in as long as your counting calories.

As you should now know – we regularly say the key to fat loss is being in a CONSTANT CALORIC DEFICIT.

If your new to flexible dieting, it does need time and patience as mistakes will be made, as you find a way that works for you & your lifestyle.

I like to include both meal plans/prepping and flexible dieting throughout the year.

80% of the year, I use flexible dieting to stay lean – then 20% of the year meal planning/prepping for holidays, shoots, competitions etc.

Use both strategies to stay lean/slim/ripped all year round.
Have a top week.

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