Eating Yoghurt Is Now A Sin

Or should I say SYN

You may have seen the report recently of slimming world making Muller Light Fat Free yoghurt go from 0 syn’s to 1 syn.

The absolute meltdown and panic from people was a bit or a worry for me.

For a large part of the population who follow dieting clubs are now deeply affected about one food item.

To demonise foods as “good” or “bad” when a person’s ultimate goal is to lose body fat & weight, will always end in failure.

If you believe when you eat a dessert or treat and believe its “bad” or have “sinned” – this is just creating a stronger emotional attachment to foods, when we already have a high level of attachment.

This is creating a trigger for emotional binge eating if you’ve eaten the wrong foods??

The matter of the fact is – the muller yoghurt hasn’t increase in calories. It was 99Kcals last week and will be for the foreseeable future.

They aren’t consuming any more food or calories, so they would still see the same results.

This sinning of nutrition is making people look for the picture-perfect diet to achieve a body shape result. Its objective is to achieve a diet that makes treats, desserts or tasty foods an evil.

A picture-perfect diet is being able to have treats & desserts WITHOUT letting them turn into emotional binges.


The picture-perfect response is being able to say “woops, probably had too much ice cream today – ill reduce junk food for a bit and train hard this week”

Know someone who will demonise foods as good or bad? Send or tag them to this post.

Have a nice weekend – with maybe a treat or two but in moderation!

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