How to stop YoYo dieting?

One huge belief is that once you achieve your body transformation you can just stop. As if the body magically keeps its new body shape whilst you shovel booze and food down your neck for a few days, weeks or even months!

Then it’s back to the diet, starving yourself and lots of exercise again! This cycle repeats over and over – this is YoYo dieting.

What you should do once you’ve done well on a diet and exercise plan it’s to think;

“This is just the beginning – not the end”

A year round slim/lean/ripped body comes from setting targets and goals throughout the year. These goals intensify as you become more successfully with your body shape.

This is where continuing motivation comes from – rather than looking at other people for inspiration.

This all sounds easy for me to say, especially as I’m a personal trainer. However, from training myself and hundreds of successful clients a pattern emerged.

There will always be a degree of failure to overcome and this is what makes people successful with their body shape goals.

The key to stopping yoyo dieting is to have long term goals that develop good habits.

Achieving a body shape goal or target is giving you the encouragement that you can actually get slim/lean/ripped and it develops a strongminded mental discipline.

Failure in not getting the body shape is very common, I’ve also failed & made mistakes when trying to get into shape.

Look at the slip ups as a lesson learnt and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

You don’t know what you’re capable of until you try – this is what surprises our members who do our 6-week meltdown or shoot. They can’t believe how much they can change their body shape in a short amount of time.

This is because they didn’t throw in the towel because that’s the easy thing to do – they stuck to a plan.

Their results should give you vision & belief that you too can get an amazing body shape, if you follow a plan and develop more good habits than bad.

Keep working on those good habits and they do eventually stick, believe in your ability to stick to a meal plan, consistently making training sessions & saying “NO” to temptation.

This is the key to stopping YoYo dieting.

Have a great week

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