8 Hacks That Take Care Of Weekend Food Cravings

Now that the weekend has nearly arrived, we have a little more time on our hands.

Sat with friends or family, socialising, maybe watching a film.



We’ve all been there, we’ve open the cupboard, and finished ALL the treats you had in the house.

Creating a massive dent in our body shape goal.

So what to do to stop this urge?….

Well, firstly you need to ask yourself “am I hungry or am I bored?”

Still not sure…..

Ask yourself if could eat a big apple, most of the time you don’t want the apple so you are not hungry, you are bored.

Need more help?

Below are a few hacks that have worked for me and our members.

  1. Have a protein shake, its filling, increases daily water and protein intake, gets rid of that sweet craving.
  2. Protein bar – filling and increases protein intake for the day.
  3. The last meal of daily, double even TREBLE the amount of vegetables on your plate.
  4. Low calorie popcorn that uses sweeteners can be great to munch on for a while without the huge number of calories normal popcorn has.
  5. Raw veg, even though you’ve consumed lots more veg at the last meal, cut up carrot sticks can be nibbled on – add low fat hummus if looking for more taste.
  6. After last meal, clean kitchen, do chores, occupy your mind till cravings pass.
  7. Neck one litre or a pint of water.
  8. Chewing gum or brush your teeth.

8 simple hacks to use if you struggle with cravings this weekend.

Have a great weekend

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