Struggling for motivation to get to the gym this week?

Rather than thinking “I’ve got to go to the gym today”

“Think I’m glad I can go to the gym today”

Enjoying the journey is the key to staying in shape, rather than just hoping you will be happy when you get to your body shape & weight goal.

If you start associating going to the gym with negative thoughts – they will start to stick,
associating going to the gym with positives & they will start to stick even more so!

Connecting going to the gym as an activity that’s making me healthier, stronger, fitter, leaner, a more positive person and you will always have that gym motivation that lacks from time to time.

Being positive that you have the fiscal recourses, time & physical ability to be able to attend the gym will change your mindset to wanting to get to there more, as some people do not have the ability or resources to do so.

Be pro-active today and get your next gym session organised, smash a really good workout & enjoy the process of working towards your body shape & weight goal.


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