F*cked up this weekend?

No one got lean from having one “Good” weekend,

No one got fat from having one “Bad” weekend,

No one got lean from having one meal of chicken and veg,

No one got fat from having one slice of pizza.

Body shape progression is never linear and there are ups and downs.

Beating yourself up for having a bad weekend is a massive NO NO!

If someone close to you has had a massive slip up nutritionally, what do you usually say to them?

“Don’t worry, just get back to doing what you know you should be doing and you will be fine!”

Yet, have a bad weekend yourself and you beat yourself up, feel guilty, feel ashamed, keeping eating more rubbish.

If you had a little slip up this weekend – consume slightly less each day this week to balance it out and add an additional workout.

If you had a good weekend – great! Keep sticking to the plan.

Give changing your body shape time and be as consistent as possible this week with planning & turning up for your training sessions. Consume the correct foods or calorie’s and let the body go at its own natural pace.

Let’s all smash this week’s nutritional and training targets.

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