Stressed you’re not working out enough?

Have you been dieting for a while and feel drained, angry and tired all the time?

This could be the signs you are training too much.

If you are freaking out about that not making all your planned workouts this week – this could cause more harm than good.

We already live a hectic modern life where stress is a constant factor.

We don’t need to add more unnecessary stress.

Take a break for a few days then come back stronger.

A demanding training program shouldn’t rule how you live your life. No body lost progress by taking a couple of recovery days.

In fact, the recover days can help you get you your body shape goal even quicker!

It gives you TIME to get stuff done.

Meal prep for the week
Let energy systems recuperate
Body heals any niggles and aches
Get house chores complete
Relax, un wind and spend time with family and friends.

If for example, you always do 4 workouts a week but this week can only make 3. That’s fine!

The day where you should have done a workout;

Reduced meal portions
Reduce carbohydrates
Increase NEAT – None Exercise Active Thermogenesis (Keep active and moving rather than slobing on the couch)

You’ve now created a caloric deficit for that day = Fat loss minus the stress!

Enjoy the weekend – a great time to get those recovery days in.

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