95% of you will fail!

We can all lose weight & body fat with some degree of success, but it’s what happens after a diet has finished is where people go wrong.

A recent study discovered 95% of people who go on a diet fail as they actually put their weight back on within 3 years (most put on more).

So, what do the successful 5% do that makes them so good at sustainable fat loss?

Sensible dietary control is the main reason they succeed.

Being aware of what they are eating and not attaching emotion to foods.

Viewing foods as to how they are going to fuel the body and how they will make you feel, rather than what food tastes like for 2 minutes.

This awareness and detachment keeps them in a calorie deficit, most of the time by using methods that suits them e.g. tracking calories, point counting, intermittent fasting, low carb diets etc

This makes them self-moderate daily!

They know what they are eating,
What protein, fats and carbs are,
What treats are and how to schedule them in.

Now the 5% can adhere to sticking to a diet for the long term.

To help you be in the successful 5% – this formula has worked for me and our members many times;

Step 1 – set: hit calories (for fat loss times weight in LBS by 10)
Step 2 – set: hit protein (1g per pound of body weight)
Step 3 – with what’s left use on carbs & fats. (stay under caloric figure in step one)

Use this mini plan to get your diet sorted up till Christmas where we all know we will unwind and eat/drink a little bit too much.

Feel confident at Christmas rather than feeling like a Christmas pudding.

Need more information understanding this – message me back and I’m more than happy to work out your individual figures.

Have a successful week

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