Save Your Weekend Now

On Monday I wrote about having bad weekends and what to do about it.

Today I’m writing before the weekend begins and why you may need a mindset shift.

A lot of people eat as little as possible Monday – Friday to “save” calories for the weekend.

Then they wildly binge the whole weekend and feel awful, tired and guiltily when Monday rolls round again.

The low-calorie week starts again and the weekend binge pattern is stuck on repeat.

Don’t get me wrong, for those tracking calories we have encouraged saving calorie’s each day and save them for the weekend.

Particularly if you know you have a social event where you want to “fit in” and not be the weirdo eating carrot sticks and drinking tap water.

However, we are suggesting 50-100 calories a day Monday – Friday to create room for a 300-500kcal treat, a few drinks, large box of popcorn, slice of chocolate cake etc, not 2 days eating whatever you want!

This weekend lets break this bad cycle and control the treats, let’s just have a moderate treat – not a full-on binge!

Even if you’ve been controlling your weekend calories, sometimes an event could trigger this binge so it’s still worth noting.

Evading overindulgences tends to win the overall race to getting the body shape you want so much. Don’t let this weekend slow you down – let it be the weekend that gets you that body shape sooner!

Have a great weekend and one or two moderate treats.

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