Are protein enhanced products the key to fat loss?

The benefits of protein are now well known.

Want to lose weight – consume a high protein diet!
Want to feel full & satiated – consume a high protein diet!
Want to build muscle – consume a high protein diet!
Want to be stronger & fitter – consume a high protein diet!

At Transformation HQ we have found 1g per pound of body weight works very well.

But what if you are struggling to get protein levels up to that figure?

You may have been tempted to try a protein enhanced product.

Protein Mars Bars, Protein Granola, Protein Ketchup….

I even google high protein products as a laugh and found protein toothpaste, how does that even work? Who eats their toothpaste when brushing their teeth?!?!

There are easier ways to boost protein levels, but firstly – ditch the high protein products as they are usually high in calories.

A very small bowl (50 grams) of protein granola contains 250 kcals, most people will have double this as a normal bowl, plus milk or yoghurt means breakfast is now 600-700kcals.

We should be focusing on leans proteins for breakfast, lunch and evening meals. Eggs, turkey, chicken, fish all have huge amounts of protein that will help you reach your target.

Using carbohydrates that are higher in protein such as quinoa, cous cous, kidney beans will also help.

Then filling in the missing gaps with protein powder, best after a workout, with one scoop usually containing 25 grams of protein for 100 kcals.

Using the target of 1g per pound of body weight, track calories for a few weeks using a calorie tracker such as MyFitnessPal.

See if you need to add more protein, using lean meats at every meal and protein powder after workouts rather than using protein enhanced products (high calorie junk food).

Have a good weekend & get tracking protein levels.

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