THQ’s 5 Ways of Progression

If you weigh yourself at the beginning of the week and regard it as a test/exam you really are setting yourself up for failure.

You can’t really gain much body fat over a couple of days and a lot of it can be water retention or extra food in the body.

Don’t hold yourself accountable to a number on a scale!

Scale weight does fluctuate and if you want to weigh yourself every day, take the mean average of the 7 days as this will be more accurate.

At Transformation HQ we do use scale weight as a sign of progression but it’s not the only way we track progression.

We have 5 ways;

  1. Scale weight
  2. Pictures
  3. Inches
  4. Clothing
  5. Strength Logs

Scale weight is obvious but I believe photos are the gold standard as the camera doesn’t lie. Take inch measurements of areas of your body you’re not happy with. Monitor if clothing is getting tighter, looser of staying the same. In THQ sessions we record and document our 6 main weight lifting exercises.

We need to improve across two or three of these methods of progression a week – NOT ALL 5!

Progression is never linear and is different for everyone but THQ’s big 5 means you can progress on other elements when the scale weight may be going through a little plateau.

Meaning the total head F*uck of scale weight is a thing of the past.

With it being the first full week of the month, it’s a fantastic time to take the above measurements and keep working on them up to the festive week!


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