Are you failing to prepare foods?

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. Is a well know quote by Benjamin franklin.

Let’s now apply that to your body shape and fitness goals.

If you keep forgetting your lunch and use this as a valid excuse to go the shop to buy a high sugary/fatty snack, then you won’t achieve your goal.

Worrying about what type of ab exercise or what supplement burns belly fat best makes no difference if you aren’t preparing the correct meals.

There are two habits/ methods you can use for the long term that eradicates the excuse of forgetting/ not making meal prep.

  • Double up – make extra of your evening meal and Tupperware it for you lunch the next day. This means no extra effort of meal prepping, particularly if you always make your lunch in the mornings, as sometimes you run out of time.


  • Carry high protein snack at all times – I’ve always done this its help tremendously. Low carb protein bars, boiled eggs, handful of nuts, protein powder in a shaker. These items can stay in your bag, purse, car and should always be in close proximity.

Implement these two strategies into your day to day life and see body shape results MUCH faster!

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