Like snacking on nuts? Think again!


I also love to snack on nuts but tend to use them when I’m in a building, growth phase such as I am doing now.

They contain healthy monounsaturated fats and some protein that supports a healthy lifestyle.

However, when I’m trying to lose body fat, nuts can be really tricky to fit into fat loss calories & macronutrient figures.

Have you ever worked out how many calories are in nuts?

THQ recommends to have just NO MORE than a handful PER DAY when trying to lose body fat.

I know people consume slightly more so let’s have look at what you could consume?

One small bag/packet (25g) from Tesco’s and Sainsburys contained 172kcal & 193kcal, an average of 183kcal.

To help you understand what 25g looks like, its LESS than the picture I have included in today’s post.

Most of us would grab a handful the size as above, some will have more than this. The above calories (although almonds) would be the same as a similar size handful of chocolate M&M’s.

The difference being, you would feel bad and maybe say no to a 2nd handful of M&M’s, but the 2nd handful of nuts is fine as its “good for you”.

See why people could struggle losing weight when trying to eat “healthily”!

This is not a post saying don’t eat nuts and eat M&M’s instead!

This post is to get you to monitor and track your calories when eating nuts (OR M&M’s).

You will have to weigh the nuts if grabbing from a large bag and see how many calories a day or week this adds up to. Or take a close look how many calories are in the snack pack bags you grab on the run.

If in doubt, grab a small handful and that’s all you can have that day. Or use the 190kcal and have lean protein and veg as an extra meal. That will be more satiating and you will not be looking for more snacks.

Keep an eye on those snacking calories – mindfulness & moderation of foods will always be key!

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