Be NEAT – Burn More Fat

Now this doesn’t mean to be tidier around the house or at the workplace.

This means to burn more calories outside of the gym.

Often overlooked when trying to lose body fat, being active and moving when not at the gym really does speed up results.

Neat stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis.

This is activities like walking, cleaning, cooking, fidgeting, standing, picking objects up etc.

This can believe it or not, burn anywhere from 15-50% of your total daily energy expenditure.

This alone would not burn significant body fat and would probably help maintain your body weight. However, combined with resistance training and a correct meal plan – it will supercharge fat loss.

Ways to increase your NEAT;

  • Increase steps per day to 8000-10000 (your phone tracks this if don’t have tracker)
  • Use stairs over lifts
  • Get off public transport one stop earlier
  • Park at the back of the car park
  • Offer to help people carry objects
  • Get the music playing a do an extra clean of the house
  • If sat all day at work, get up on the hour and walk or do a few squats/lunges/ calf raisers
  • Walking meetings or walking telephone calls
  • Include a morning or evening stretching routine.

Be NEATer this week and boost fat loss results!

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