Are you taking too many shortcuts?

Firstly, I hope you see this email amongst the bombardment of Black Friday Emails today ha!

Which does nicely lead me todays point.

Everyone thinking they are missing out on a bargain and start panic buying.

Research says that prices stay at this new cost for the next 6 months, where it is then reduced even further!

This likewise applies to a body transformation.

When people want to get in shape, they recognise they have probably left it too late & realise that it takes longer than they first thought.

They start to do it on their own and see very little progress, so they then look for & follow an extreme diet and training plan found on the internet or in magazines on offer that cost £4.99.

If a plan has an offer something like 75% off – then it’s not going to be of high quality.

This shortcut will not get you where you want to be body shape wise, it often ends up in an emotional food binge which takes you further back than when you started.

This shortcut mindset also applies to training.

For example, if I see people cutting short sets by a few seconds or picking up a lighter weight to “go through the motions” I’m also confident in saying that they are taking short cuts outside the gym with nutrition.

Weight loss and a body transformation is not about getting there as quick as possible – it’s about staying there once you’ve got to a place your happy with.

In other words, doing it the correct way never means doing it the fastest way.

Stick to the plan this weekend and give it time.


P.s don’t get sucked into the black Friday madness.

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