5 Easy Tactics To Lose Body Fat!

Go low carb to lose fat!

Go low fat to lose fat!

Go paleo to lose fat!

You will be told this by people who were successful using these techniques.

Nonetheless, as we’ve said before – they all worked because they reduced energy intake.

Decreasing the number of calories you consume – this is the key to long term fat loss.

Tracking calories is the most effective way to control calories and lose fat sustainably.

However, if you are just not quite into track calories at the moment, here are few ways to cut calories without tracking/recoding.

  • Days that you’re not training – reduce carbs to just one meal only
  • Snacks should be no bigger than your palm size – once a day only
  • Snack on veg like carrots & celery as you are making your meals – you will be satiated quicker when consuming your meal
  • Likewise – have a protein shake BEFORE your meal
  • Swap snack items – e.g. crisp and chocolate for low calorie protein bar or skinny popcorn.

See where you can implement these strategies into you daily routine and reap the rewards.


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