3-Step Plan To Maintain Weight Through Christmas

Can Flexible Dieting get you through the next couple of weeks?
Naturally, our calories are going to rise over the next week or so.
Its normal and its nothing to feel guilty or embarrassed about.
We should be socialising and catching up with friends and family.
How much better is social events when food & drink is around??
Much better I’d say so keep it in.
This is also called flexible dieting.
Where all foods don’t need to be “clean”.
Flexible dieting doesn’t mean start eating like a pig, it means eating as much nutritious and quality foods as possible.
Foods such as lean protein, vegetables and fruit.
And if you’re having meals, drinks and desserts then that can be ok occasionally.
Even better, if you can try and stay within a calorie limit, you will maintain through next week.
Maintenance is usually 15 x body weight in pounds (LBS).
E.g. 150lbs would be 2250kcal a day
15 x your body weight in pounds is more than enough to enjoy yourself and include treats in your diet.
At the same time, it also stops the emotional binge pattern of saying “f*uck it” after eating one mince pie, and then going on an eating spree like a sumo wrestler.
Your 3-step plan to maintain but enjoy yourself are as followed;
 Reduce calories earlier in the day if you know you are going to eat more
Try to stick to maintenance calories with formula above
Try to get 2 or 3 tough workouts in this & next week
Feel good about food & alcohol this Christmas and don’t get fat like everyone else.

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