Calorie Backloading Will Stop December Weight Gain

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
So, we are told.
For most of the year, It does seem to set you up for the day and should stop you from overeating in the evening.
But December can be a funny month.
All sorts of random social events appear.
Extra calories are consumed from Christmas cake, biscuits and treats etc
THEN you can’t go to your planned workout as the kids are sick, you have to stay at work etc
So, have an insurance policy to get you out of these situations, particularly if you train in the evening.
Have a light breakfast of lean protein and greens, then repeat for lunch! E.g. egg white omelette with spinach for breakfast & turkey breast salad or veg for lunch.
Then if you miss a workout, or go out for drinks, or have a couple of mince pies at work…
The excess calories consumed are now counterbalanced as you’ve eaten less throughout the day.
Be smart this December & enjoy the treats yet still stay/get lean.
Get calorie backloading!

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