Get Abs for Christmas – a 3 step action plan

Its December on Saturday and the Christmas Party season kicks into gear!
In fact, we have our own winter ball this weekend where a lot of food and drink will be consumed!
It’s something we actually encourage.
We always include treats & cheats in our diet as it allows us to be sociable and “enjoy life”.
But what if you want abs or to be slim this Christmas?
The two don’t go together!
Yet – they can….
Follow this 3-step action plan if you have lots of Christmas parties and dinners over the next few weeks;
 Minimalistic breakfast
A light breakfast of lean protein such as a protein shake, a couple of eggs, a couple of babybell lights, 150g % Greek yoghurt. Save your calories for your evening meal!
 Training in the morning
Before your light breakfast, make sure you do an intense weights workout
 Don’t binge the day after
Repeat the previous days breakfast and then go for a long walk, focus all other meals on lean protein and vegetables.
Have fun this December and get slimmer/leaner as everyone else over indulges and gets fatter!
Have nice weekend

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