NHS’s new radical weight loss diet, Yay or Nay?

Yu may have seen over the last few days that the NHS has a new radical diet that helps people with type 2 diabetes.
But is the answer for everyone?
What people see from the results, is that the participants lost weight.
A significant amount of weight!
This is the only factor that really interests and excites people.
As this drastic low-calorie diet is prescribed by the NHS, it has now switched the populations mindset that they MUST have to consume less than 800 kcal a day to succeed.
People on the diets will reverse type 2 and lose weight as its prescribed for 3-5 months.
But then what? Most likely go back to their old ways and the weight rebounds.
Losing weight is the easiest part but keeping it off is the real challenge.
Why not take a more logical approach and lose weight slowly but more sustainably?
With your weight in pounds times that figure by 10 e.g. 180lbs would be 1800kcal a day.
Train 3-4 times a week and hit your calories EVERY DAY for 4 weeks. After week 4 take your measurements, photos and scales weight again.
You will be lighter so you will need to do the above formula again and calories will be slightly lower. However, this new calorie figure will keep results progressing, yet you can consume your favourite foods and feel satiated all day.
Your body has become used to the weight loss and will have brought down its body fat set point. It’s much more likely to keep the weight off, whereas the low-calorie diet will most likely make you rebound that weight (and usually add more).
Test this formula that has proved so successful with so many THQ members. Still don’t understand formula? Email or comment back to me and I’ll work it out for you.
Have a successful week

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