Time To Drink UP!

To clarify first – I’m not talking the alcoholic form of liquid unfortunately, but stay with me…
It sure has gone cold recently and snow could be on its way.
What commonly happens at this time of the year is we start to drink less water.
I get it.
It’s hard to drink cold water when your freezing – BUT
You may be missing out on a whole load of benefits.
Drinking adequate water is extremely important for your health and fitness goals.
It always gets over looked and it could be the element you’ve been missing, and possibly the reason why you are not progressing as much as you would like.  
If our bodies aren’t well hydrated – our bodies are not worried about body composition.
It will shuttle water to vital organs to keep us alive.
However, if we have ample water in the body, it will focus on burning body fat, give you more energy for workouts, gets rid of afternoon fatigue, reduces cramping, increases mental alertness and reduces hunger pangs.
Major benefits for doing something that’s natural, easy and cheap to do!
So how much water should you drink each day?
Litres needed daily = Your Weight in KG x 0.033
For me 65kg = 2.14 litres
This would be your MINIMUM figure!
Ideally this would all come from filtered or mineral water as the body absorbs this better and you will have less trips to the loo.
But, if you struggle to get to this figure, you can count teas, coffees and protein shakes towards the total amount.
Now go and have a big glass of water ASAP

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