Eaten crap recently and feel bad? You need to read this!

If you have ever beaten yourself up for eating something bad or eating off your plan…

then this mindset needs a shift.

People often view food as good or bad.

That’s too black & white and it’s not quite that drastic.

You don’t mess up when you eat a “bad” treat.

On the flip side, eating one health meal isn’t going to make you ripped, lean & slim.

Take that step back and look at the big picture of how you eat over a week or a month, rather than meal by meal.

Especially over the next week or so, where high calorie treats will be close to hand and offered to you every few minutes.

There is nothing wrong with including treats in the diet, you just need to be clever about it.

Make sure your having a small breakfast and lunch of lean protein and veg only.

This will counterbalance any calories you have from treats.

Stop freaking out and beating yourself up!

Enjoy treats with friends & family guilt free, as long as you’ve adapted your meals to eating lean protein and greens for breakfast & at lunch.

Repeat the light breakfast and lunch over the next few days and you will be maintaining or maybe even in a calorie deficit (fat burning)!

Keep an eye on emails over the next couple of days for my 4 tips to survive Christmas day.

Speak soon

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