4 Tips To Survive Christmas Day

The big day is nearly upon us.

And so are the excess calories.

Now it must first be said, that you should all be enjoying Christmas and boxing day.

Don’t skip treats and sit in the corner not eating!

Never the less, a few little helping tips will make you feel more in control.

Here are my 4 survival tips that will help you through Christmas and boxing day.

Meaning you can ditch the guilt and nip the emotional binge eat in the bud.

  1. Get moving – body weight squats, push ups and sits ups in the morning or before your Christmas dinner will shuttle the calories to be burnt as fuel – not stored as fat. 10-15 mins is enough. A bonus walk after your dinner will also balance out the surplus calories.
  2. Focus on protein – When consuming foods, go for the protein first! Overeat on lean proteins such as turkey, this will keep you full and less likely to go for more.
  3. Fill you plate with vegetables – pile it on high. Also snacking on veg in between times of not eating (if there is any free time ha) will keep you satisfied.
  4. Drink lots of water – always forgotten about on Christmas day but if you are used to drinking water frequently, your body may confuse dehydration with hunger. 2 litres as a minimum and then top up with a few cheeky alcoholic drinks later!

Enjoy this Christmas and start planning your 2019 health and fitness goal – even better start it as soon as Christmas/boxing day finishes.

Have a lovely few days.

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