Time for me to call a few of you out..

Time for me to trigger a few emotions…

I’m saying you won’t achieve your 2019 body shape goal! Unless you read all of this post.

In fact – Have you even set your goal yet?    

Most people have unrealistic expectations of what they can do in 1 month and underestimate what they can do in a year.

Meaning everyone expects to have abs in 4 weeks’ time, but then don’t believe they can get a body of their dreams within the year with CONSISTENCY.

A lot of people mess up their new year’s body shape goal as they go WAY too strict on themselves.

Extreme low-calorie diets/ Shake meal replacements/ Hours of cardio/ No treats

This just backfires and then they are back to square one.

Yes structure, discipline and self-control are needed to succeed.

But consistency over the weeks and months will lead to the ideal body shape.

If you slip up – don’t throw the towel in.

Learn from your mistake and PARDON your mistake as a lesson.

Have the attitude of “Whoops, I’ve slipped up – I’ll do better next time”

Then the next meal you have make sure it’s a better choice that will lead to a new better body!

If you haven’t set a New Year’s goal – do so now!

Be specific, give it numbers and an end date!

Now write it down and be consistent for 3-6 months.

You will get there if you give it time and keep consistent.

Boring answers are usually the correct answers.

Let’s smash your 2019 goal


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