Rookie mistake everyone makes when trying to lose weight!

I see it so often and I include myself in making this mistake.

When I realised what I was doing wrong

It was a huge gamechanger for me!

Learning that eating 500 less calories each day is 100 times easier than burning off 500 more calories in the gym

If you’ve been weight training and eating well for a while now but seen very little results?!

It maybe time you start tracking your calories for a while.

It’s a famous old cliché that you cannot out train your diet.

This was my first mistake when I was starting out in the fitness industry.

I went into denial mode – tried to train harder or more often

Yet my body shape still stayed the same.

This was a good year or two that I wasted.

Don’t waste any more time like I did and UNFAT that body!

Track calories if you’ve found results have plateaued.

If you’ve just started out and are a newbie.

You are the lucky ones who will see results by eating better and lift weights 3 times a week.

But be aware that results may stall and then it could be time to start tracking calories.

Want to know what calories you should be consuming for fat/weight loss? Respond back to me with your weight and ill let you know your ideal calorie figure.


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