How Many Calories in a Vegan Sausage Roll? (plus a slight rant)

I saw a very interesting stat today that made me laugh!

There are 311kcal in a Greggs vegan sausage roll, compare that to a McDonalds cheese burger 301kcal.

There are 11 more calories in the sausage roll but its currently view as a “healthier treat”.

If you’ve though that a vegan sausage rolls could be the answer to your weight loss problems – I would say you’ve fallen for a fad diet, hook, line and sinker.

Especially if you believe eliminating one food group is the secret to weight and fat loss!

1970-80’s it was fat that was to blame
1990-00’s it was carbs that was to blame
2010-present it was gluten or sugar that was to blame

They are just faddy diet cycles and probably originate from an author trying to sell a new book (usually with no scientific evidence).

As it sounds like a shortcut – it sells.

This then becomes a myth and sticks for a while.

Interestingly this morning, the BBC are reporting that we should have MORE carbs (in particular fibre) in your diet to increase life expectancy.

Presently, the theme seems to be that you have to go Vegan this January.

With the hope that cutting out protein will help you drop inches and pounds, or even worse “detox the body”.

If you are doing Veganuary for ethical reasons to reduce emission and for animal welfare then I salute you, as I would hate to give up meat for a month – would be easier to do dry January!

For most – It’s just a new cycle in the hope it’s an answer to solve people’s weight loss problems.

Don’t fall for this.

Include all types of foods (even treats – maybe even a vegan sausage roll) in the diet, yet keep in a sustained caloric deficit to lose weight but live a “normal life”.

I’ll have the vegan’s after me now, so you may not see or hear much from me for a while ha

Hopefully see you soon

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