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My nutritional weakness – what’s yours?

What’s your nutritional weakness?

Is it chocolate?

Is it ice cream?

Is it a pint?


We are all different and have different foods/drinks that we LOVE to consume.

Food & drink that we know we shouldn’t be consuming regularly.

This is nothing wrong with this and people hate admitting they have a weakness for a certain food/drink.

Hiding weakness leads to denial – which is where the “I eat healthily” concept comes from.

Yes, you probably do eat healthy most of the time but those weekend binges on your vice will lead to maintenance or even worse – weight gain.

My vice is a beer at the weekends when I’m at footy. Instead of the 6 pints I use to have, I now have 6 bottles.

Average pint = 190kcal —– Average bottle = 130kcal
Saving me = 360kcal

Meaning that day I will probably stay within my calorie limit, have felt like I’ve had a treat and I’m still on target to hit my body shape goal.

Like ice cream – swap for low fat Greek yoghurt with honey or fruit
Like chocolate bars – swap for low sugar protein bar
Like burgers – make your own burgers with lean mincemeat and smaller bun

Tracking calories by recording foods in a tracking app will help you understand what calories are in your favourite foods.

Try tracking if you haven’t done so before, it could be an eye opener!

Don’t restrict and eliminate
Do be shrewd and make smart swaps!

Let me know what smarter swaps you can make this week!


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