How to get LEAN/SLIM when eating out & about!

Trying to lose stubborn body fat but always eating at cafes, restaurants & fast food places?

It’s a right pickle isn’t it!

Very overwhelming when you have just a few minutes to make a quick decision.

We often go for the tasty option which often means HIGHER calorie option.

Which also means a slowdown in body shape results.

Here’s what you can do to enjoy tasty foods when eating out & about but still see weight/fat loss;

  • Go to a restaurant that display calories in their meals/snacks/drinks
  • Give yourself an 10% – I believe they understate calories
  • Make sure you weight train that day
  • Have a light breakfast and lunch consisting only of lean protein and vegetables only

These guidelines also apply/help when you are having your weekly cheat meal.

Little Giveaway Gift

Head over to our Facebook support group at some point today or tomorrow.

I’m going to release a nutritional survival guide for UK based food outlets.

It gives you the low-calorie options to go for – and which ones to avoid!

I’ll run a poll and you can decide which one I release first….. it will be emailed out to members tomorrow morning. A link will be posted in group for non-members.

If you’re not in the THQ support group, follow the link below;

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