My Fat Burning Food List

Controlling hunger is KEY to a long-term body shape.

I believe it’s the MOST important part of building a diet that’s going to work for you.

There is no one cookie cutter plan.

We always get request for hourly meals plans and they just do not work.

For example, we may say eat scrambled egg and spinach for breakfast, but one day you run out of eggs!

You then use that as the excuse to eat whatever the hell you want, because you can blame the plan or lack of shopping or the trainer.

The list usually goes on…

Life is not that structured and perfect – you should always know what options you can substitute for in emergencies.

Because obstacles ALWAYS happen.

Build your diet around foods that you like the taste of and are the most filling!


Here are foods that are scientifically and anecdotally proven.

Include as many as you can in your diet, if you don’t like any – don’t eat them.

No point forcing foods as you will hate the diet and give in.

Oats/ Potatoes (white or sweet) / Oranges & apples/ Eggs / Popcorn (no added sugar)/ Baked Beans/ Beef/ Chicken/ Fish

If you included 2, 3 or 4 of the above items in your diet each day, adding plenty of vegetables at each meal.

You will be surprised how much body fat and weight you can lose in a short amount of time!

Not because its “fat burning foods”.

Because it satiating and its stops you craving any more food – in particular JUNK FOOD.

Get your shopping list done and add any of the above items you like the taste of. Build your meal plan from there!

Have a great weekend.

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