How To Track Calories Like a Personal Trainer

We all have a daily calorie budget.

Exceed this budget and you will get fat and add weight to the scales.

Be under your budget and you will lose fat and weight off the scales.

Spend your calories wisely.

Don’t waste them like most out of shape people do.

For example, imagine you went on holiday and had £700 to last you a week, which you then budgeted to spend on average £100 a day.

Then – day two you spend £250!

You wouldn’t then just blow the rest of your money on an expensive trip? You would spend less over the following days.

This is why tracking calories works so well as you know how many calories you’ve consumed and can make it back up! Rather than going on a binge for the rest of the week and starting again next week.

Nutrition can really be that simple!

Consume more than expected one day – consume less the next couple of days.

Balance it out and moderate!

Want to start tracking calories but don’t know what to average at each day?

Use your;

Weight in pounds & times by 10 if un-active (office job, driver)
Weight in pounds & times by 12 if fairly active (teacher, nurse)
Weight in pounds & times by 14 if very active (builder, scaffolder)

E.g. I’m a Personal Trainer – on my feet all day, walk to work, demonstrating exercises plus daily workout – very active job. I weigh 155 pounds x that by 14 = 2170 kcals each day

This is me in a calorie deficit and I’m now burning body fat!


Use the formula and start this week on the front foot!


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