The Top 5 Exercises To Burn Belly Fat

***The Top 5 Exercises To Burn Belly Fat
***7 Day Flat Belly Meal Plan
***6 Pack Machine Will Blast Belly Fat in 3 Days

You’ve seen them all before and is probably why you opened this email/post.

Don’t worry, I too fell for them and tried them all.

Here are the results – Nada, Nothing, Zilch.

No fat loss on my belly whatsoever.

What I learnt many years ago is no one exercise burns belly fat.

In fact, it’s extremely difficult to target one specific area of your body to burn body fat.

Fat seems to come off the body where it wants to, and is often stop/start & definitely a gradual process.

Things started to change once I began to tracked calories.

It meant I stayed in a sustained calorie deficit with good nutritious healthy foods, and weight trained to shape the body & stay strong.

When I nailed the above basics – that’s when belly fat began to melt off.

My main point is that you maybe worrying you’re missing a fat burning exercise or gadget, but to reassure you – they don’t exist.

What I know 100% works with me and many hundreds of clients is to be in a CONSISTENT calorie deficit. This is achieved by weight training with good intensity and being in a calorie-controlled diet.

So, this week – make sure you are;

  • Keeping to a healthy nutritious meal plan / calorie-controlled diet.
  • Have 3 full body strength/ weight sessions planned in your diary.
  • Reduce junk food/alcohol to the bare minimum

Then after 7 days you will see a more defined belly!

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