You Are Two Habits Away From Leanness

Most athletes are two habits away from the next performance level:

One they must START
One they must STOP

This a little quote I heard that is from an unknown source.

This totally applies to people who want to get in shape.

People believe there are hundreds of things they need to be doing, such as

Herbal Teas
New Celeb Diet

This list goes on and on and on…

When in reality, they probably only need to change a couple of things and STICK with them.

Here are some examples of where people can improve, especially this weekend;

Increase Protein Intake – Reduce Junk Food
Increase Water Intake – Reduce Alcohol
Increase Vegetable Intake – Reduce Junk Carbs (biscuits, cakes, chips)
Prepare Meals – Stop Grabbing Things On The Go
Schedule Weekly Workouts – Squeezing Workout When You Can

Take a look again at list above and see if there any areas above you can ADD one extra good habit and TAKE OUT one extra bad habit.

It may seem like it won’t do a lot but give it 3-4 weeks and you will see the changes in your body quite visibly.

After 4 weeks, ADD your next GOOD habit and TAKE OUT your next BAD habit.

A much more sustainable way of getting and staying shape.

Have a great weekend

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