Think eating healthy and protein is too expensive?

So is an iPhone
So is going to the pub
So is a takeaway every week

Yet we all have a nice phone and plan where we will go out for meals/takeaways/drinks each weekend.

But compare the price of meat, vegetables and protein to the above and you will see the great value.

Plus, the latter options will make you look and feel a MILLION times better!

Here is a list of cheaper protein, fats and carbohydrates that should be in your weekly shop but won’t break the bank.

Cheap Protein
Eggs – Milk – Canned Tuna – Cottage Cheese – Liver – Frozen Meats – Bulk buying Meats – Protein Powder – Quinoa – Lentils – Greek Yoghurt – Feta Cheese

Cheap Carbs
Mixed Veg – Frozen Veg – Rice – Potatoes – Fruit – Oats – Chickpeas – Lentils – Quinoa

Cheap Fats
Olive Oil – Eggs – Milk – Nut Butter – Cottage Cheese -Feta Cheese – Greek Yogurt

(Note a few actually cover a couple of your daily needs – extra savings)

At the end of the day – we’re all adults and you can convince yourself you can’t afford healthy food and proteins. Whilst at the same time eating a Burger King looking at your new iPhone.

Or just make a few swaps and watch how you will actually SAVE money!

The other bonus, you will now have an instantly healthier and leaner looking body, talk about a Win-Win.

So at your next shop, make as many swaps as you can.

Even if you don’t think it’s too expensive, included as many of the above to keep getting or stay lean/slim!

Have a nice (cheaper) weekend

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