Hit a fat loss plateau recently?

If you’ve been chasing a fat loss goal this year – you may have noticed that fat loss isn’t direct, straight or true.

Weight & inches loss comes down some weeks…
Stays the same some weeks…
UP some weeks.

Don’t panic – this is normal!

And it’s all part of the fat/inch/weight loss game.

What most people do when they hit a plateau – is usually to just throw in the towel. This is quite possible the worst thing you could do.

Or, they make too many drastic changes.

Super lower calories, more exercises, extra cardio, try a new diet….

All that’s needed is a small tweak at a time.

Drop calories by 100kcal each day e.g. 1800kcal down to 1700kcal.

Give it a few weeks and see if any changes.

If you see results, keep going until results stall again.

If no change or you hit a new plateau, try adding one extra training session and then assess a few weeks later.

Repeat the calorie drop then adding a training sessions in. This will give you months of tools and ammo to destroy body fat but it wont be too overwhelming.

This is a much more sustainable way to manage your fat loss project – giving you the drive and energy to keep on pushing through.

Trust the process and give it time!

Make sure you “On It” this week & smash that plateau!


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