You don’t need more time – you need to act now!

“If you wait for all the lights to turn green before starting your journey, you’ll never leave the driveway” Zig Ziglar

Are you always waiting for the “perfect” time to start a new health and fitness goal?

Wait for Christmas to finish
Wait till you are certain age
Wait till it goes quieter at work
Wait till you’ve had your next holiday

Well today is your best day to start your new health and fitness goal.

This is your message/kick up the back side to start.

There will always be times in your life that crop up unexpected – you must eradicate these as excuses and times you MUST overcome.

Every lean, slim, toned body you see and want to look like – do you think everything was perfect for them?

No of course it wasn’t, they got sick, they had time away from the gym, their meals weren’t perfect.

But guess what, even if it’s only 80% perfect, that’s 100% better than doing nothing.

So, if you’ve not got a goal at the moment…  MAKE ONE TODAY!

Take pictures, scale weight and inch measurements.

Set your goal of where you want to improve and WRITE IT DOWN!

Get to work and give it time (6-8 weeks works best).

Your new habits will soon be in place and feel effortless, and sooner than you think, you will have a leaner, slimmer & healthier body.

Need some more accountability – email your new goal to to keep yourself accountable.

Have goal setting week.

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