Planning A Cheat Meal This Weekend?

You only live once?

I’ve had a tough week so what the hell?

It’s raining so I’ll order a takeaway….

Whatever reasoning you convince yourself you NEED a cheat meal – I’ve also done.

But what I did learn eventually was that I didn’t need or deserve a cheat meal, especially when I had more body fat to lose.

Times when you NEED a cheat meal
Mass gaining phases or after a shoot/competition = you need/deserve.

But if you are trying to lose weight/ body fat, it perhaps shouldn’t be in your plan for a while.

Yes, at THQ we do recommend flexible dieting (included treats but eating nutritious foods 8-90% of time) but if you are just not seeing results – then this weekend should be different.

Stick to your perfect Monday – Friday meal plan and make it Monday – Sunday.

In fact, try this month without a cheat meal and see how much better you look and feel – THEN you can schedule in your cheat meal.

If you do already have one planned in – make sure you;

  • Have a workout or long walk that day
  • Light breakfast of lean protein and vegetables or greens
  • Same again for lunch
  • No snacking
  • 2-3 litres of water

This can be repeated the day after (minus the cheat meal!)

Really want to ramp up your inches & weight loss? let’s do a No Cheat Meal March Challenge!

You’ll thank me later!

Have “clean” weekend

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