Why does tracking calories get people results?

If you’ve never tracked calories before…..give it a go!

Can’t be bothered? Scared? Don’t have time?

The usual excuses I hear from people who aren’t getting results but refuse to track calories.

Tracking is one of THE most important elements of getting in shape.

If you don’t track – you’re just guessing!

This also applies to your workouts where you should track & record your exercises to make sure you are adding more weight, repetitions or both!

Today though, we are just focusing on calories.

What one common thing do lean people have in common? They track or have tracked their calories to achieve a body shape goal.

Get outside your comport zone and start recording your foods!

This new habit will very quickly get you fantastic body shape results.

It doesn’t have to be forever but it does open your eyes to what you are actually consuming.

I use and recommend MyfitnessPal – it’s a free app that makes it very easy.

Track for a week and see what your average calories are – then adjust for your goal.

I’m presuming most people want fat/weight loss so use below formula.

Weight loss = weight in pounds x 10 (women) 12 x body weight in pounds (men)

See how quickly it achieves results!

Want to know more? Listen to our podcast to hear more on tracking calories and why it works so well!



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