Motivation To Get In Shape Dying?

Motivation might get you started but habits keep you moving.

Internal motivation such as seeing a body shape you want to look like, or hating the way you look will be the push you need to get in the gym and start training.

It will also get you eating well for a while.

However, this power soon fades and you need more.

Motivation has limited supplies. It is also something you should NOT expect others to keep doing for you as it will only be short term.

It HAS to be internal and something you WANT to do e.g. I really want a beach body for the summer.

When motivation starts to fade – there is another tool you can use to keep you going….


There are 3 ways to break a habit;

  1. Elimination – cut it out entirely
  2. Reduction – drop to the desired level
  3. Substitution – replace the bad habit with a good one

James Clear 2019

All three can work – it just depends on what you want to achieve, I find substitution works best when trying to get in shape.

Often just changing one thing alone is all it takes e.g. tracking calories

Newly developed habits such as tracking calories, making 3 workouts a week, sleeping well and drinking water may not seem significant, but over time get you to where you want to be.

Your task this week;

Identify one thing that’s holding you back – that’s stopping you from achieving a body shape you want so much.

Swap this for a new habit.

Repeat this every week and see how quickly you get your body shape you want so much.


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