What Supplements Should I Take?

This is a question that always gets the usually answer of “It depends”

It depends what your goal is?
It depends what you expect them to achieve?
It depends what supplements you’ve tried before?
It depends what else you’re doing?

The most important point is the last one.

It depends what else you’re doing!

If you’re out partying and eating shit all weekend, then supplements cannot help you.

If you are not usually very discipline with your eating and don’t get in the gym very often, then supplements cannot help you.

I’ve done it myself, trying to plug the holes with supplements, fat burners, teas, test-boosters, mass gainers, herbal tree roots you name it.

I’ve tested and tried them all.  The outcome is they make no difference if you’re not nailing down the basics.

  • Not eating processed food – but eating “clean” healthy nutritious foods 80% of the time.
  • Minimum of 3 full body weight training sessions a week
  • Drinking 2-3 litres of water a day
  • Sleeping 7-9 hours a night

Here is a picture of what supplements I know will enhance my results – only if I’m doing all of the above. I’m certain these supplements will help 90% of you reading this, of course there are individuals who may need certain individualised supplements e.g. iron but for most these are enough;

  • Whey Powder/ Protein Bar – great for boosting protein levels, recovering from sessions and kicking the sweet tooth.


  • Protein Edge (Amino Acids) – great for holding on to muscle when in a dieting phase, also boost performance in the gym.


  • ZMA (zinc, magnesium & B6) with zinc and magnesium involved with over 300 chemical reactions in the body it’s a super supp. It helps you recover faster, sleep deeper, regulate hormones and improve performance.


  • Omega 3 (& fish oils) – is a fatty acid that our body can’t make and needs to balance our high diets of omega 6 & 9. Studies show it helps the body become better with insulin and use foods as energy rather than stored as fat.


  • Vitamin D3 – important due to living in the northern hemisphere and often cloudy, it supports hormone function and makes you feel more energetic (less depressed)

Stop thinking a supplement can give you the short cut and be the magic pill you desperate hope will solve your body shape problems.

Do it the proper way with patience & consistency – then the results will come.

Hope this has clear a few supplement questions up.


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